Studying with Paul Zeigler
Paul Zeigler trains and mentors students in both performance and composition, including beginners of all ages, professional performers and other music teachers. His teaching method involves a holistic approach - examining every aspect of a work so that it becomes fully internalized and experienced on all levels: auditory, physical, intellectual and emotional. He also believes it best to approach each student individually, carefully considering the individual's needs and goals. Many of Paul's students have enjoyed success in performing at auditions, concerts and competitions while others have received acclaim for their original compositions.
For more information about lessons, please call 973.822.0233.

Students of Paul Zeigler
Albert Gu began playing piano at age three. He was a finalist in the 2008 Princeton Steinway Society Scholarship Competition and won second place in 2009. Albert also received top rating in the 2008 Cecilian Music Club of Freehold, New Jersey's Young Artist Competition, and has performed in Zankel Auditorium at Carnegie Hall.

Keely Schmerber began playing piano at age three. At age ten she was selected from hundreds of students throughout New Jersey to be showcased in a special concert sponsored by the Vienna Piano Company. Keely was not only honored for her exceptional performance but was placed in the advanced category alongside ten other performers, all of whom were high school or college aged. Keely has taken first prize for five consecutive years at the Sussex County Music Foundation's annual competition. In 2005, 2008 and 2009 she won the Rudolph and Edna Schenk Award for most promising student, and was a finalist at the 2009 Princeton Steinway Society Scholarship Competition.

Jonathan Wei began playing piano at age five. He received second place at the 2007 Princeton Steinway Society Scholarship Competition and was a finalist in 2008 and 2009. Jonathan has performed in Carnegie Hall's Weill Auditorium as a first place winner in the 2008 Bradshaw/Buono International Piano Competition and as a first place winner in the 2009 New Jersey Concert Artists Competition.